28 Gadgets That Help You Hack Your Sleep For a Better Night’s Rest

Technology is making every facet of life easier, so why should that slow down while we are in bed?

Many experts say that technology is having an adverse effect on our sleep quality and duration. The blue light emitted from most devices can suppress sleep inducing hormones such as melatonin – however, when used right, there’s no doubt that we can use technology for the greater good when it comes to sleep quality.

The products below are a number of trackers, lights and even clothes which can act as ‘smart’ alarms, trackers and data collectors that will help you have a better night sleep.


  1. Under Armour Smart PJs

Cost: $100

While sleeping, these pyjamas will provide athletes a better night’s sleep. The “Athlete Recovery Sleepwear” features an infrared pattern on its shirts and pants, which helps your body recover faster and promotes sleep. 

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  1. Nora

Cost: $300

NORA aims to be a non-harmful, silent and portable tech gadget. You place one piece of near your bed and the second in your pillow. The pillow’s inflation will automatically adjust based on your movement while sleeping, in order to get you the most restful night possible.

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  1. Nox Sleep Light

Cost: $149.99

The Nox Sleep Light is a band placed on top of your mattress which measures sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing rate and movement. Based on this information, the data is sent to a bedside light via an app to provide optimal lighting for waking up naturally.

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  1. Chrona Pillow Insert

Cost: $169

Description: Essentially, your pillow will become a smartphone, measuring quality of sleep by tracking your body’s movement. Using this information, it gives off noises to boost your deep sleep, as well as to wake you up in the morning.

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  1. 2breathe Sleep Induce

Cost: $179.95

Description: Wearing this around your torso, the sensor monitors your breathing and sends it to an app. This subsequently guides the user into certain breathing exercises to induce healthier sleep.

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  1. Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask

Cost: $29.99-$39.99

Description: This mask uses a dimming light to help transition you into a healthy sleep, as well as brightening to help wake you up.

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  1. Sense Sleep System

Cost: $129

The spherical item is placed on your bedside, while you clip the “Sleep Pill” to your pillow, which monitors your sleep quality. Upon waking up, a full report of your external sleep conditions, such as humidity and noise level, are provided.

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  1. UP3 by Jawbone

Cost: $129.99

Description: This device is essentially a fitness tracker and a sleep quality monitor blended into one. It measures your different stages of sleep and gives advice accordingly.

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  1. Hush Smart Earplug

Cost: $149.99

Description: These smart earplugs not only prevent external noise from disturbing your sleep, but provide calming sounds to ensure further peace.

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  1. Rythm Dreem Headband

Cost: $349

Description: This headband measures brain activity rather than physical movement – and accordingly plays calming sounds to ensure a peaceful sleep.

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  1. Aura Connected Alarm Clock

Cost: $189.95

Description: This customised alarm clock allows you the choice: to wake up gently, quickly, or anything in between. Syncing to Spotify, you can wake up to your favourite song.

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  1. Lark

Cost: $49

A wristband that tracks your movements, gives you a full report about your sleep quality and vibrates to wake you up.

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  1. Sleep Genius

Cost: Free

This free app acts as a sleep aid; providing “pink noise” which eases you into rest.

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  1. Sleep Infuser

Cost: $350-450

This product acts as a sound conditioner, muffling distracting sounds and providing constant “white noise” to help sleep.

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  1. Good Night LED

Cost: $70

Artificial “blue light” is known to keep us up by suppressing sleep inducing hormones – the Good Night LED uses half the blue light normally used in bulbs.

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  1. Basis Health Tracker

Cost: $200

Doubling up as a fitness and sleep tracker, this smartwatch analyses sleep quality and conditions to help track where you may be going wrong.

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  1. SleepRate

Cost: $100

An iOS app which gives an accurate report of sleep quality, including the tracking of REM sleep and external noise.

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  1. BluBlocker Glasses

Cost: $25-75

Amber red lenses used to keep out the maximum amount of blue light possible, in order to allow the secretion of sleep inducing hormones.

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  1. SleepShield

Cost: $20-40

A filter placed over your phone, tablet or laptop in order to reduce the amount of blue light consumed and help sleep.

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  1. LIFX

Cost: $99

An energy efficient LED that can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone. It increases and decreases light based on sleeping patterns in order to make the transition to and from sleep easier.

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  1. Philips Wake-Up Light Plus

Cost: $70

An alarm clock that acts like the sun, gradually inducing light and then sound into the environment. It also works the other way with a dusk simulator.

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  1. NightWave

Cost: $50

This pulsing blue LED helps induce sleep by guiding you into a relaxed state as it slows down.

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  1. Sleep Number

Cost: $8000-10 500

This ‘smart bed’ tracks your quality of sleep by looking at your breathing rate, movements and heart rate, before providing the data which may help you sleep better in the future.

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  1. Muse Headband

Cost: $249

This headband measures brain activity before using that data to offer personalised meditation exercises which can make it easier to relax, and thus, sleep.

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  1. Here One Smart Earbuds

Cost: $299.99

These are no ordinary earbuds – rather, by progressively shutting out external sound, they enable the mind to more effectively and efficiently reach a relaxed, sleepy state.

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  1. S+ Sleep Monitor

Cost: $129.99

This device can monitor sleep quality without any contact at all, using motion detection to track body movements, as well as assessing the temperature and light in the room.

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  1. Beddi Alarm Clock

Cost: $99.99

A charger, alarm clock and light conditioner combined into one. It can also control your other connected devices and read you the weather and traffic updates when you wake up.

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  1. FitBit Charge 2

Cost: $149.95

By vibrating, the FitBit Charge 2 can wake you gently. In addition, sleep quality is monitored and data can be provided in order to help future slumber.

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