6 Ways to Cure Insomnia That Might Actually Work

Do you go to bed every night, absolutely tired and spent from the day and then struggle to get to sleep for hours.

Then you might be suffering from insomnia, which is a common problem that will take the toll on your body energy, health, mood, and also your ability to function in the day time. Chronic insomnia may also cause severe health problems.

Finding simple ways to cure insomnia can help you to put an end to your sleepless nights. Here are several simple ways to cure insomnia, which are designed to help you deal with anxiety, tension and stress that cause insomnia.

1. Consult a Physician

Sleeplessness can be a sign of physical disorder, even though for many people it is due to stress, anxiety and tension.

If your physician finds out that you are a victim of insomnia, then he will recommend few techniques. Or he might prescribe medicines to help your condition. It is better to try the other natural ways to cure insomnia before trying drugs.

2. Measure Your Sleep

Without measuring how much you sleep, it is hard to get changed. There are now so many ways to measure your sleep. Use a phone app, or a device that can measure the brain waves, or maintain a sleep dairy. This information can help you in determining how much sleep you are losing and how much you need to get.

3. Stick to a Good Sleep Hygiene

Adhere to good hygiene. Reduce or completely avoid evening alcohol, caffeine, and also stimulating activates. Watching TV is one example of stimulating activates, so avoid such things. Create a habit of relaxation for last hour by decreasing exposure to TV, computer screens and light. Use warm baths, meditation, relaxation, and also keep your sleeping area dark.

4. Listen to Audio or Sleepy Music

Listen to some soothing, soft music that can lull you in to sleep. You can get many CDs in the market specifically designed for this purpose. Few are simply have soothing sounds of waves, and some are particularly composed music.

5. Get Out Of The Bed If You Can’t Get Sleep

Do not force yourself for getting sleep. Turning and tossing can only increase your anxiety. Leave the bed and do some relaxing techniques like drinking warm milk, taking warm bath, or reading. When you feel sleepy, go to the bed.

6. Get a Massage

One of the best ways to cure insomnia is getting head massage or body massage before going to bed. Get massage strokes as gentle, slow, yet firm to alleviate the stress out of muscles that can promote sleep.

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