Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom Furniture Arrangement

A bedroom is a place, where you want rest and stress free environment. It is a place where you can take rest or sleep after a tired day, without any type of tension and stress. It your bedroom is not like this or it doesn’t provide you the rest as much as you want, then should make some changes in your bedroom to get more rest and to be free from the stress.

For making a change in your bedroom arrangement, you should follow Feng Shui tips for the arrangement of bedroom. It is unique type of style which will provide a person, a right type of environment in which to work and live. You can create a flow of energy in your home if it has a simple floor plan in it.

For arranging a bedroom, you should keep in mind that your bedroom should not be too near to the outside world or it should not be open to the outside world, because it will lessen your energy during your sleep. In your new home, you should not use ceiling to floor windows in your bedrooms. It is much better for you to keep the outside world away from the bedroom or the other resting places.

There are some Feng Shiu tips for decoration. You can consider them while you will arrange your bedroom furniture. It will help you to create a more decent and peaceful room for you, which will provide you much comfort:

  • The headboard of your bed should be seven to nine inches away from the walls of your room. It will help in the flow of energy and air around the bed.
  • You should take care that the foot of the bed should not face the door because it will allow the energy of the whole house come to your room, which can create the disturbance during your rest or sleep.
  • You shouldn’t place the mirrors at the places where you face yourself when you are taking rest or while you are sleeping on your bed.
  • It you are using some corner angled furniture for your room; you should place some plants in the corners to remove the dead energy from the room and to prevent these corner spots from the dead energy.
  • You should make your room clutter free. For this you have to clean your dressers and closets. You shouldn’t store anything under your bed. Your room should be properly organized, it is your duty to make it clean.
  • Your bedroom is place where you can take rest and sleep. So you shouldn’t make this room a home office. You should change the settings of your bedroom to get comfortable feel.

After making these changes in your bedroom, you will definitely get the best place to take rest. You will feel different in your bedroom after making some small changes in your room. After setting a room of your choice, you can apply same tips on the other rooms of your home.

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