How to Coordinate the Bedroom Accessories Inexpensively

It is a difficult work to collect or to find the things matching or coordinating with your bedroom. There are various types of bedding sets are available in the market stores but it is very difficult to find the bedding matching with your bedroom accessories or to find the accessories matching with the bedding. But if you want to prepare a coordinated bedroom for you, you can match or coordinate the bedroom accessories by following some tips:-

  • While you are going to purchase the bed sheets for the bedroom you should purchase two or more bed sheets of same style and pattern. You can use the other bed sheets for covering the other accessories of your bedroom, which will help you to coordinate the different accessories or things of your bedroom. You can use one bed sheet as a bedspread and another one for making curtains for the windows of the bedroom. You can also use the extra bed sheets of same pattern for making a cornice board. You can prepare cushion covers with the bedspreads. If there is remainder bedspread, you can use them for making curtain panels by using rods or clip rings or you can use them to prepare some throw pillows for your bedroom. You can also prepare table cloth from this. By doing this you can coordinate the different things of your bedroom.
  • You can use a rubber stamp of any pattern for decorating your bedroom. These rubber stamps will help you to coordinate the different accessories of your bedroom easily. You can decorate the solid colored bedding and window treatments or curtains with the help of the rubber stamp. You can also apply this stamp on the slip covers of cushions and chairs and on lampshades of your room. You should use the stamp carefully. You can prepare a wall border with the application of the rubber stamps in a continue manner. You can decorate the cornice board with velvet after the application of the stamp on the velvet fabric. You can emboss the velvet with the help of these rubber stamps and iron. You should use the same pattern of stamp matching with your walls and bedspreads for preparing emboss velvet.
  • If you are enable to get the matching fabric or coordinating wallpapers you can use decals in your bedroom. You can cut out the individual flowers, light houses and ducks and can attach them by sewing machine or with the help of glue to the slip covers of chairs and other accessories covered with the fabric. You can also cut out the patterns from the wallpaper and can prepare wall borders out of them. You can apply these borders on the walls or can apply them on the wooden furniture and on lampshades of your bedroom also.

In this way you can inexpensively coordinate various accessories of your bedroom by using your skills. You can do it only be spending some time for preparing all these coordinating things of your bedroom.

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