How to create a Hawaiian Themed Bedroom

Everyone wants his bedroom to look different. Several people apply different types of themes for their room according to their mood and choice. Hawaiian is one type of those themes. With this Hawaiian theme, you can enjoy your vacation at your home. Following are some tips for the Hawaiian themed bedroom:

  • Texture of your Hawaiian themed bedroom should be soft and relaxing. You can apply grass colored wallpaper for the walls of your bedroom. It will give a natural look to your bedroom. You can also use faux pattern for the bedroom also, which will look like a woven texture.
  • You can use good quality of commercial carpet for the floor of your bedroom. It is soft type of pattern than others. There are different patterns and designs available in the market. You can choose the carpet matching with walls, which look likes a woolen sweater. The use of commercial carpet will provide more beauty to the texture of the room than any other old type of carpet. You can also use other types of natural floor covers, to provide a natural look to it.
  • The fabric with much and bold floral prints is called, Hawaii. Mostly seen flower on this fabric is hibiscus. This type of fabrics is available in a multicolor combination for e.g. black and red etc. You can also use this type of fabric for the bedding of your bedroom and windows. The easiest way to use this fabric is that, you can take a fabric and can use that fabric with Hawaiian fabric in your room and try to match their colors properly.
  • For the Hawaiian themed bedroom, furniture should be of different type. It should be simple and of light weight. You can use bamboo reads for the windows and headboards, to add a different look to the furniture of your room. You should also use light weighted extra seating furniture in your room.
  • For the walls of your room, you should purchase paintings of flowers, sunrise scene etc. You can also use a framed Hawaiian fabric for the wall. One famous ancient type of art is Petroglyph Art, which can be used for the Hawaiian themed bedroom. This is available in different designs,
  • As a welcome sign, you can use a small pineapple tree or a palm tree for your Hawaiian themed bedroom. If the bedroom is for a child, you can use pictures of palm trees, or sandy beeches can be used on the wall. If it is for adults, you can use pineapple shaped candles, lamp in shape of palm tree etc. for the room. In your Hawaiian themed bedroom you can also place or display some tiki carvings, it is type of art mostly used in Hawaiian themed bedrooms. You can use tiki carved mugs for holding toothbrushes or pens and pencils etc.

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