How to Create a Unisex Nursery

The idea to create a Unisex Nursery is a unique idea. There are two main causes behind creating a unisex nursery at your home. The first cause is that, there are fewer chances that you may have blessed with twins with different sexes. The second cause behind it, is that, you don’t know the sex of your unborn child. It is difficult to create such a room. You can’t even inquire about the sex of your unborn child because you want to wait for the surprise. But you have to create a nursery for your child. It is not compulsory that it will match with the sex of the child, but it should be special for the child. You can use some following ideas to create a unisex nursery for your child:

Firstly, while selecting the paint colors for a unisex nursery, you should choose colors that are neither for girls nor for boys. Bright primary colors can work well in both boys and girls room, for e.g. red, blue, yellow, black and white colors. But before applying these bright color paints, you must take care in remembering that a child’s eyes may not be able to tackle such bright colors. So, you have to use pastel color versions. You can use these colors like light blue, pale yellow, pink colors together in the room also. If you want to apply solid colors then you can apply baby blue, pale green for the room. In a blue or pale green painted room you can further use accessories with yellow and pink colors. You should avoid purple and dark brown color for the room, while choosing the paint color.

You have to choose the perfect pattern for the room also very carefully. There are different patterns of everything like bedding, chair cushions, window curtains etc. You should avoid the patterns like planes, trucks etc. as they belongs to boyish patterns or on the other side also avoid pattern with fairies, butterflies etc. as these belongs to girlish pattern. Instead of these you should choose some patterns with stripes, with big dots etc. with pieces of solid colors.

You should remember, while creating the unisex nursery, that child have to spend a number of years in this room. You can add the designs on the base of walls later on. You can start with simple designs which can further be developed by you after child’s birth. In starting, you can paint clouds on the ceiling or on the upper walls with blue background. You can also create simple scenes of park for a nursery design; in this park scene you can add characters or pictures with the growth of the child. You can also use Bible based theme for painting on the walls of unisex nursery. It will be good for the room because it is neither girlish nor it is boyish.

There are several other themes which can be worked for both boy and girl babies which are – different pictures of teddy bears, ducks and horses, puppy’s house etc.

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