Small Bedroom Renovation Ideas That Will Make You Stay in Bed all Day

Small bedrooms are hard to decorate and transform into a personal realm of relaxation and sleep. There is one thing that takes almost the whole place: The bed. Small bedrooms are actually way cozier than the bigger ones, plus you get to save tonnes of money on additional furniture you don’t have to buy to fill the empty space with it.

Nevertheless, just because you have a large bed in a little room, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style and sense of space. If you follow some easy design practices and color schemes, you can remodel your room without a hassle.



  • Paint the walls with light colors


Painting the walls white or another light colours creates the illusion of a bigger room simply because the light colors let the natural light reflect around the room. Darker colors absorb light and make it smaller. However, if you into them than why not paint one wall in grey, navy blue or olive green color? You can also add accent in bold colors, like wall art or accessories. If you want to use different colors, use the monochromatic scheme. This means that you can use different shades of the same color. This way the room will be colorful but won’t feel crowded.



  • Let the light in


Natural light always opens up a room. Be sure to open the curtains or blinds during the day to let most of it in. You can add decorative lights to make the room comfortable. They’re small and easy to put almost everywhere. Layer the lighting. Couple of small lights on the ceiling is better than one big chandelier in the middle of the room. This is also functional as you can read thanks to the night stand and make it brighter when you do something else.



  • Clear the clutter


Doesn’t matter how big your bedroom is if it’s full with piles of your stuff, it will feel crowded. Hide away or remove things you don’t use or don’t want to expose. This is the ultimate trick to create a small space look instantly bigger and also will have positive effect on you, as cluttered spaces make us anxious and stressed. You definitely don’t want to feel this way in your bedroom.



  • Invest in smart furniture


You can invest in smart furniture with extra storage space underneath. Buy a big bed with a storage space for your sheets and clothes. Replace the nightstand with one with drawers where you can store things as well. These types of furniture are actually affordable and can make your life a lot more easier. Make every peace count.


  • Create more storage space


There are many storage hacks online that can make your life really easy. You can hide away your jewelry behind a big mirror, hang your clothes in the corner or you can install shelves right under the ceilings. I found this collection with amazing tips and tricks that can create more storage space for your stuff and make your bedroom unique and stylish in the same time.



  • Incorporate decor



Even if you live in a small apartment, that doesn’t mean you can’t use decors. Wall art, paintings and family photos will fit great on the wall above the bed. You can add vase or little statue on your nightstand or hang an ornamental mirror.



  • Add something alive


Add some live plants or small tank with fishes. They will complete the look of the room. They also have positive effect on your mood. The plants will clean the air and will produce more oxygen. Watching the fish before sleep will calm you and will help you fall asleep faster.



  • Get creative


Do you love to read? Add a comfy chair and a small bookshelf in the corner. If you love to write or draw a small folding desk is a great choice for you. Add patterns to the walls or bed sheets, or a favorite quote on the walls. Make it your own.



  • Make it comfortable


What is the most important thing for a bedroom? Comfort, of course! Add tones of pillows and fluffy blankets on the bed and fluffy carpet. In the end, even if the room looks good, why does it matter if you don’t feel comfortable in?



  • Be bold


Make it personal, be bold. If you don’t want to paint the walls white, incorporate darker tones. Make the bedroom personal, as in the end, you are spending 8 hours a day in it. Make sure to like every second of it. Don’t sacrifice your personal style in order to create something you won’t actually enjoy.


A room will always feel larger if you keep it clean and in shape. Experiment with colors, furniture and accessories and make it visually appealing.


Eva Bowker

My name is Eva Bowker. I'm working as a content writer for Fantastic Handyman in Australia. Our goal is to improve the home of our customers by providing them with professional property maintenance solutions. In my free time, I love to write, create digital illustration and travel.

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