The Connection Between Sleep & Food

You might not realize it, but the food you eat and when you eat it can have a large impact on how well you sleep as well as how rested you feel the next day.

Eating large amounts less than an hour before bed causes your body to have trouble sleeping, as its new focus is on digesting the large amount of food (or alcohol), you have just consumed.

Lesson learned: Save your Subway sandwich for the next morning and avoid a night of unrestful tosses and turns.

Likewise, drinking alcohol impairs your REM sleep cycle and will cause you to wake less than refreshed.

Lesson learned: Drink in moderation or not at all before bed or try to save your alcohol for day drinking;)

Caffeine too close to bedtime activates your nervous system and you may have trouble falling asleep. Like alcohol, its best to save your caffeine for the morning.

Kidding, by the way, about day-drinking and alcohol in the morning. Tread carefully with moderation in all aspects of food and drink in your life for the best sleep.

Lesson learned: Drink your coffee early to keep your sleep restful.

Get to sleep faster and feel more rested by drinking some milk or chamomile tea before bed.

The tryptophan in milk contributes to a sleepy drowsy mood perfect for falling asleep.

Chamomile, on the other hand, contains apigenins that bind to benzodiazepine brain receptors to facilitate calm and sleep as well.

Lesson learned: Try picking up some chamomile tea at your local grocery store, if you visit Kroger grocery store and take their KrogerFeedback survey, you’ll be automatically entered into a $5,000 sweepstakes as an extra bonus. Once you pickup your groceries, drinking the warm milk or soothing chamomile tea before you hop into bed at night to feel calm and fall asleep more quickly

Hope you enjoyed these tips and happy sleeping!

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