What You Need To Know About Keeping A Spotless Office

It should not be a hassle to keep the office clean and tidy. Regardless of whether you clean on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or have an office cleaning company. The office environment should always be in a clean and orderly manner.

The following tips are going to help you make sure that you never have to deal with a dirty office again.


Paperwork Organization

This may seem to be a rather obvious choice, however, take a look around your office right now. Do you see piles of paperwork on desks throughout the office? If you do, you have a problem, but it is easily fixed. You are simply going to have to find a storage method for each type of file. You may want to use desk trays, wall pockets or filing cabinets is a means to clean up all of the paperwork that is taken up valuable office space.


Customer Areas

If your business features areas that are designated just for customers, it is essential that they are cleaned as much as possible. The seating area should be stain free and dust free. This can be easily done with a few rags and a duster. If the area has a carpeted floor, it should be vacuumed at least once a week minimum.


Cleaning The Work Area

Just as you want to keep the visitor area clean, the work area needs to be just as clean. This is going to entitle cleaning all of the cables and electronics as well as dusting on a weekly basis. You may want to use a dust repellents spray for the vast majority of office surfaces as this will help to ensure a dust free presence for at least a week.


Disinfecting The Bathrooms

While this is going to help provide the office with a clean look, disinfecting the bathrooms is also offering a healthier environment for the employees. Having healthy employees means there’ll be fewer days lost due to sickness which is going to translate to a more productive office. By hiring a professional office cleaning company you are going to save a lot of time and hassle.


Cleaning The Electronics

There is no question that dust loves electronic devices. In fact, you may have noticed that the electronics in your office seen together up more dust than any other area. It is important to dust laptops, screens, and PCs on a regular basis with a duster and a soft rag. Also, use the disinfecting while cleaning the telephones due to the amount of germs that accumulate on the surface of the receiver.


Clearing Out The Rubbish

You will not be finished cleaning out the office until the trash has been taken out. It is a good idea to place a couple of trash bins in some of the more heavily circulated areas of the office and have them taken out every other day. You never want the garbage to pile up in an office. If you want to have a clean office, you cannot be lazy about it.


Clean Desks

One of the major sources of a messy office are desks that are cluttered. While it is true that some people seem to work better in chaos, it is still essential that the desks are clean. You may want to install hand cleaning gel dispensers and tissues near desks. This is going to allow your employees to keep their desks germ-free and clean.


Spotless Kitchens

If your office is equipped with the kitchen, it is important that it maintains a sense of cleanliness. Food should only be stored within cabinets and in clean recipients. The should be cleaned on a daily basis for the help of your employees. In addition, the sink, microwave and its plate as well as all tables should be cleaned on a daily basis.


A Tidy Breakroom

There are some offices that have a break room that is separate from the kitchen. If that is the case with your business, you must make sure that the breakroom remains clean. You do not want to have dust being carried to and from the breakroom and work area.


Hiring Professional Help

We understand that not everyone is going to have the time to do this much cleaning. That is why many office owners hire professional cleaning companies to do the job. These companies will use professional products as well as their expertise which is going to benefit your office in the long run. By not having to take time out of your day to clean the office is going to help increase the productivity and efficiency in the office.


I’m Janice Freedman, mother of 3 beautiful children and currently working as the content writer for Simpo Cleaning. Our goal is to take stress away from our clients in Sydney with our home and construction cleaning services so they have time to enjoy the finer things in life.

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