Why You Should Wear Socks to Bed


When the weather gets chilly, people tend to fall into one of either two categories when it comes to bedtime attire:

  1. Wear as little as possible. Followers of this habit say that their own body heat soon warms up the bed, much better than if they were wearing flannelette pajamas or a nightie.
  2. Rug up with layers – vest, pajamas, beanie, socks …

While you will have a hard time convincing people in either category to switch to the other side, there are actually some very good reasons for wearing ring socks to bed (even if you don’t wear anything else!).

Night Time – Why Wear Socks to Bed?

  • More Soothing than a Lullaby – In order for your body to relax and invite sleep, it needs to be comfortable. Socks can help your body achieve the state of optimum comfort for sleep, much faster than going without. Sleeping with socks on dilates the blood vessels and sends a signal to the brain to let the body know it’s time for sleep With socks, body temperature increases more quickly and the brain can get a head start on the early phases of the sleep cycle
  • Moisturise While You Sleep – Slather your feet in moisture, and then slip them into socks (made of natural fibres such as cotton) before going to bed, to treat dry skin and cracked heels to some tender loving care.
  • Relieve Menopause Symptoms – Women experiencing the change of life often suffer from symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. Wearing socks to bed helps the body to maintain a comfortable core body temperature.
  • Better for Blood Circulation – Wearing socks to bed will keep your feet warmer and your blood circulating, decreasing the risk of Raynaud’s disease. While admittedly this is a rare condition, if your toes and/or fingers can lose circulation, causing throbbing and swelling).
  • Cure that Cough – Some people believe that wearing socks to bed prevents and calms coughing during the night.
  • Please Your Partner –  Nobody likes to be woken by the sudden contact of icy cold feet during the night!

Day Time – Why Wear Socks?

Ask any podiatrist, and they will tell you wearing socks is good for your feet.

This is for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Prolonging the Life of your Shoes – One of the main reasons we wear socks, is to absorb sweat and odour and keep our feet dry. This means, that our shoes stay fresh and last a lot longer!
  • Preventing Nasties – Sweaty, damp shoes are also a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria, increasing your risk of developing a fungal infection (Athlete’s Foot). And when you wear socks, they provide a layer of protection between your foot and your shoe, greatly reducing your chance of developing painful and unsightly blisters.

Wearing Socks Any Time!

If you’re not yet convinced of the benefits of wearing socks, this last fact may do the trick.

While they may not look terribly erotic in bed, it turns out that wearing socks during sex has a surprising benefit – it can increase your ability to have an orgasm by 30 percent. Yes, really!

And with so many great socks to choose from – take care of your feet, your health, and your sex life, why wouldn’t you start wearing socks more often?!

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