Write For Five More Minutes

If you are a writer and have something to say about sleep, the bedroom or anything to do with what we get up to at night then we’d love to hear from you at Five More Minutes.

Five More Minutes is focused on providing quality content on topics related to all areas of the bedroom. From bedroom design to tips to sleeping better we want it all.

If you are interested you can send the full post or pitch to fiveminutesmoreblog@gmail.com. Before you get started, please make sure to go over the guidelines listed below.  We receive a lot of articles per week so the below guidelines are what we use to prioritize which articles we select.

What types of articles should you send us?

The topics should be related to the bedroom.  However, as a category, we are very loose with what we consider ‘related to the bedroom’. If you can somehow tie what you are writing back to what we do on the website, we are more than happy for you to send the idea through. Above everything else what we want to see is quality content from quality writers. If you think you can contribute that then we definitely want to hear from you.

Just make sure that the topic isn’t already covered on our website. A quick search should be enough to satisfy this. We don’t want to constantly repeat ourselves and would rather put the effort into improving the content that already exists on the website than add another article on the same topic. We will consider suggestions on how content could be improved and we give you a shout out.


What is the recommended format and word count?

We generally want articles to be 800 words or longer unless your article has a strong image or video component.  When it comes to formatting try to break your content into short paragraphs and use subheading liberally

Just aim at making it easy to read and scan.

Can I put links in the article?

Make all your links relevant.

If the links are not relevant or seem to be promoting a product, we will remove the link.

We get that you may be wanting to contribute for the purpose of getting a backlink but we don’t want to spam our readers. Make the link relevant or save it for your byline. We do offer an opportunity for those who would like a promotional link which can be done within a sponsored post.

Unique content

All articles must be 100% original. We will check all articles in Copyscape.

Profile Picture and Bio

Send us a bio that will be posted at the bottom of every article you write for us. We use Gravatar to generate your profile picture so let us know the email you want associated with your post, sign up to Gravatar with it and upload the photo you want to use.

Submitting images

Providing an image is a big plus but please ensure any you send are images you own or have the rights to post. Check out The Stocks for a great range of free-use imagery..

Please only send images you have taken yourself or have full right to use.

Timeframe for article review

Our timeframe for reviewing your article is 21 days.  If we aren’t interested in publishing your article on the website we probably won’t get back to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t submit articles to us in the future.

We may get in touch if we like the article but think it needs a bit of work and offer some suggestions.

Ready? Awesome

If you’re happy with the above then send an email to fiveminutesmoreblog@gmail.com with your article.  In the email, the subject should read “5MM Guest Post” so that we know you have read all of this.